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MMC® is extremely excited to launch our new healthcare division. Our primary goal is to bring affordable healthcare to every person in the U.S. while maximizing the earning potential of physicians/ healthcare providers. This site will give you the tools and resources to build the business model you need to grow your health care business.

You can have the greatest product in the world, that everyone needs, but if you lack the skills to bring it to the market it will fail miserably.

That is why MMC® is here to help you. MMC® is a performance-based healthcare marketing company that has been in the golf and health and fitness marketing industry since 1991. Targeted consumer research, profiled consumer lists, compelling marketing pieces, professional sales training, direct mail delivery, social media, print, radio and turn-key, no-risk/self-funding member acquisition marketing promotions highlight just some of our areas of expertise.

It is our goal to build a model that is complementary to your existing business model that will allow us to “graft in“ a new market segment that is sustainable.

What We Are All About


MMC® has been profiling consumer behavioral spending habits and buying patterns along with building demographic profiles to acquire new members from the difficult-to-reach markets for Golf Courses and Health Clubs since 1991 i.e., consumers with expendable income (the ideal patient/member).


MMC®’s model is to bring the member/patient in on an introductory membership (retention built-in) and lock-up the relationship from the beginning. This model gives you ample time to cultivate the new relationship. You must commit the member to a length of time to give yourself and your staff time to cultivate a relationship.


MMC®’s approach offers a no-risk/self-funding solution to executing market dominating campaigns to grow your loyal customer/patient base. The program start-up requires no cash outlay on the owner’s end, MMC® is paid only on performance and you will handle (and deposit into your bank) all of the funds generated. The program is truly no-risk/self-funding and therefore, self-perpetuating.


Our approach involves a “loyalty-based relationship” that will connect with your market. Today’s physicians are faced with heavy patient loads, controlled care and declining revenue.


MMC® works on a success only basis, so we receive no compensation unless we are successfully growing your healthcare practice.


MMC® will provide the demographic research, market analysis, design, implementation, training, coaching, materials and extensive support throughout every stage of the campaign…eliminating any guess work, wasteful spending and therefore delivering the desired result


SINCE 1991









The founder and president of MMC®, has focused all of his resources in the sales and marketing industry since 1982. He began his professional career in a sales position and through the years transitioned through sales, marketing, management, mid-management, upper level management and ownership.

He was a guest speaker at the 1999 IHRSA convention in Orlando Florida where he spoke on the psychology of sales as it pertains specifically to the health club industry. He has also been published in numerous publications including IHRSA’s club industry. Since 1991, he, along with his team at MMC® has concentrated his unwavering efforts on developing a strategic method that would allow him to tap into the un-committed consumer marketplace.

These efforts have produced an unparalleled formula for success, and a variety of promotions for raising immediate cash, monthly receivables, residual income and unmatched member retention for health clubs around the country.


MMC®’s Support Staff

In each region of the country, MMC® assigns regional directors to better service our health care partners. Our regional directors work closely with our area vice presidents to ensure the best possible results for all our clients.

MMC® has area vice presidents in four (4) regions of the United States including; West coast, Mountain Region, Midwest/Southeast, and East Coast. In addition, MMC® is supported by our accounting staff, billing department, legal team, research & development team, consumer list generation department and professional printing and mailing partners.

Throughout MMC®’s site ( is a ton of free information on health club marketing and professional sales training, so please take time to view the entire site for the free tips on growing your health care practice/business and your career. Watch the videos (please be patient while they load), read the text and pick and choose what is valuable to you and fits your current and future business model.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health care practice/business and your career.

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