Health Care Marketing on Steroids!




1. Tens of millions of Americans will receive access to affordable health care.
2. It required 10 essential health benefits.
3. It slows the rise of health care costs.
4. It provided coverage for pre-existing conditions.
5. It eliminated coverage limits.
6. It allowed adult children to stay on their parents’ healthcare plans.
7. It offered free care expansion and meaningful subsidies.
8. Millions of people received healthcare insurance for the first time.
9. More routine services are covered under Obamacare.
10. It created savings in prescription drug costs.
11. Made Health Care More Affordable.
12. More Screenings Are Done.
13. Wider choice of insurance plans.
14. Eliminates Medicare “doughnut hole”.
15. Boost to the hospitals
16. Health insurance for worker
17. Small businesses can receive a tax credit of up to 50% on their employees’ health premium costs.
18. Young adults can stay on their plans until they turn 26; 82% of uninsured adults will qualify for free or low-cost insurance.
19. You won’t be dropped from your coverage for being sick or making a mistake on your application.
20. Medicaid expands to cover individuals with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level.


1. It was too expensive for many people.
2. Increased Premium Costs.
3. It required coverage for services not required.
4. It required a tax for not participating.
5. It raised income tax rates for high-income earners.
6. It increased wait times at medical clinics.
7. It created fees for pharmaceutical companies.
8. Good health plans would be taxed at high rates.
9. It required an excise tax on medical device manufacturers and importers.
10. Obamacare required an annual enrollment.
11. Enrolling Can Be Complicated
12. Hidden implications
13. Businesses cut hours to workers to avoid paying healthcare benefits.
14. Older adults will pay premiums that do not cover their healthcare expenses and young adults will pay premiums that cover more than their healthcare expenses
15. The implementation of Obamacare and the increasing number of primary care doctor visits could lead to primary care doctor shortages.
16. Hundreds of billions of dollars were cut from Medicare to fund the implementation of Obamacare.
17. Personalized medicine threatens inflation controls
18. Insurers still retain a lot of pricing power
19. Fewer doctors are willing to provide care under Obamacare
20. Maternity coverage is expensive

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